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The Michael Evan Jurist Graduate Prize

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The Michael Evan Jurist Graduate Prize is awarded to a student in IB2 who, as judged by the faculty, exemplifies Michael’s academic, interpersonal and leadership skills as well as a generosity of spirit and keen interest in International Affairs. The recipient also demonstrates a keen interest in broadening his understanding of the world beyond UCC by challenging himself and spending time working and studying abroad.

2009: Bo Chen
2010: Graham Clark
2011: Amal Chandaria, Matthew Walker and Conner Cimowsky
2012: Paul Wong
2013: Will Rooney
2014: Matthew Cooper
2015: Xu Zhang
2016: Simon Broer
2017: Darwin Jimal
2018: Adam Rothman
2019: Henry Gage

The 2009 Michael Evan Jurist Graduate Prize

The 2009 Graduate Prize was awarded to Bo Chen, who is described as being a caring individual who takes his own path, is open-minded, diligent, focused and insightful. Bo possessed extensive involvement in Community Service through Horizons and overseas trips and is an avid basketball player, a hardworking and very well-liked student.

The 2010 Michael Evan Jurist Graduate Prize

In 2010, the Michael Jurist Graduate Prize was awarded to Graham Clark. Named Sustainability Steward for 2009 / 2010, the recipient of the Herbert Mason Medal (highest honor for character and integrity), Graham also achieved a Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award. A varsity soccer, basketball, cricket and lacrosse player, Graham is also described as a “really nice guy”.

The 2011 Michael Evan Jurist Graduate Prize

In 2011, it was felt the Graduate Prize should be awarded to three deserving students – Amal Chandaria, Matthew Walker and Conner Cimowsky, all of whom are community service minded and have volunteered as part of the Horizons media mentoring program since Grade 8.  Their technological savvy and dedication brought solar power, a wireless network and computers to Ntugi School in rural Kenya and developed additional programs for other schools in the area. Their fundraising efforts which reached $45,000 this year were allocated to building a computer lab, a new leveled playing field, an art and music program, an NBA-sized basketball court and solar power for the entire school.

Amal, a member of McHugh’s (the same house as Michael) is a keen racquet sports enthusiast and competitor.  Conner, in addition to his tech expertise is very academically inclined. Matthew has won several academic prizes, enjoys tennis and is a very talented musician headed for Julliard NYC in 2011.

The 2012 Michael Evan Jurist Graduate Prize

On May 23, 2012, Michael’s Graduate Prize was awarded to Paul Wong, a remarkable student with a 4.0 average and deep commitment to community service. He is a Silver Duke of Edinburgh recipient as well as an Horizon’s volunteer and mentor for children from less-privileged neighborhoods. A proficient and keen basketball player and, in particular, swimming enthusiast, Paul is credited with being instrumental in UCC winning the CISAA Swim Championships in both 2011 and 2012. He hopes to start his University studies this fall in the UK.

UCC Graduate Prize 2012

Derek Poon, UCC Head, Intermediate Division, presents Michael’s Graduate Prize to Paul Wong

The 2013 Michael Evan Jurist Graduate Prize

On May 23, 2013, the Graduate Prize was awarded to Will Rooney, an exemplary student who also had a strong commitment to volunteer service as evidenced by his participation in three international service trips: Peru (research) in FY; Costa Rica (park service) summer FY-IBI; and Thailand - summer IBI-IB2. While he enjoyed his entire curriculum, Will states he leans towards the arts, participating in both the Senior Jazz Band and Wind Ensemble. His interest in writing led him to being Editor for Quiddity as well as The Blue and White. In the Fall of 2013, Will is attending Queen’s University, where he looks forward to applying his international mindset to philosophy and economics.

The 2014 Michael Evan Jurist Graduate Prize

The 2014 Michael Evan Jurist Graduate Prize was awarded to Matthew Cooper on Monday, May 26 at the Upper Canada College Leaving Ceremony. Matthew is described as a hardworking student with strong academic skills and commitment to athletic and community service activities. His fluency in Spanish served him well on a Service Trip to Ecuador 2012-13 and in Argentina in 2014 where he served as a volunteer for two weeks in the Projects Abroad medicine and Spanish program.

Matthew’s other UCC extra-curricular activities included Free the Children (2012-14); JV Soccer (2012-13); Varsity Soccer (2013-14). He plans to attend Life Sciences Program at Dalhousie University this Fall.

The 2015 Michael Evan Jurist Graduate Prize

Xu Zhang came to UCC in 2013 as a boarder in Wedd’s House and served as Head of House in 2014/2015. During his time at UCC, he served as Head of Mandarin Club, Unicef Club, Peer Tutoring Club and International Club. He also participated in Blue Notes (rehearsal group) for bass and Varsity Cross Country and Swim Teams. An excellent student, Xu particularly excelled in History, Economics, Spanish and Physics. He will study Political Science and Economics at McGill University in September 2015.

The 2016 Michael Evan Jurist Graduate Prize

Simon Broer, a member of Martland’s House, was awarded the 2016 Michael Evan Jurist Graduate Prize on May 23, 2016. Highly committed to community service, Simon founded and led the Syrian Refugee Sponsorship Club, the fundraising for which reached an impressive goal of $50,000. A keen athlete, with a particular interest in soccer, he also participated in the Horizons’ soccer programs. Simon also played on the UCC Varsity Soccer Team, winning the CAIS and CISAA Championships. He will be attending University of Toronto this Fall, where he will study Commerce.

The 2017 Michael Evan Jurist Graduate Prize

The 2017 Michael Evan Jurist Graduate Prize was awarded to a stellar scholar and athlete, Darwin Jimal, on Tuesday, May 23 at the UCC Leaving Ceremony.

A Lang Scholar, Darwin applied (behind his parents’ backs) and was accepted to UCC in Grade 9 on full financial assistance, which allowed him to pursue his education and athletics in ways he never imagined. Treasurer of the Board of Stewards, his favorite subjects are chemistry and biology and he is co-Head of Neurosciences and Mental Health Clubs. An accomplished athlete, he is Asst. Captain of Varsity Soccer and Track and Field teams, winning five medals (3 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze) at the CISAA Track and Field 2015 Finals and was awarded Senior Athlete of the Year 2016.

Active in Community Service Council, Horizons Tutoring program and volunteering at Toronto East General Hospital, Darwin is also a member of the Chess Club and Bronze Medal winner at the Toronto Secondary School Team Chess Championships. Darwin has been accepted to the highly prestigious Queen’s University accelerate route to Medical School program.

The 2018 Michael Evan Jurist Graduate Prize

Adam Rothman, a member of Mowbray’s House, served as the Upper School Head Steward. After entering UCC in 2014, he participated in the Debate Club, tutored with the Horizons program and rose to Co-President of Model United Nations. In athletics, he was a member of the Varsity Football team, winning a CISAA Championship. Rothman, an active volunteer with Children of Hope Uganda, traveled to Central Africa in 2016 to help oversee development projects. Adam is currently at Yale University studying Liberal Arts with an intended major in Economics and Cognitive Science.

The 2019 Michael Evan Jurist Graduate Prize

Henry Gage, Prefect for Mowbray’s House, was awarded the 2019 Michael Evan Jurist Graduate Prize on May 25, at Upper Canada’s Leaving Ceremony. Widely involved in many aspects of UCC since joining in Grade 5, Henry has been a Lang Scholar since Grade 9 and Upper School Academic Tie achiever each year. He has continually combined strong academic achievements with an arts and music, athletic and community services curriculum. A proficient saxophonist and member of the UCC Jazz Band, Henry’s won multiple festival solo performance awards; he’s served as Arts Council member for Mowbray House, co-president of the Model UN Club and co-head of the Peer Tutoring Club. Henry has been a member of the Cross Country and Track and Field teams every year, leading the teams as Captain for the past two years and competing at OFSAA each year.

The recipient of a Schulich Leader Scholarship, Henry will study Integrated Science at McMaster University next year.