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The Michael Evan Jurist Bursaries are needs-based bursaries that fund creative initiatives where students spend time working and studying in culture other than their own, as a means to promote broader understanding of global issues and different perspectives.  These bursaries are awarded to student(s) who would otherwise not be able to participate in such programs, as a means to promote international participation and global citizenry.  These international experiences include, but are not limited to, service projects, academic exchanges and internships.

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March 2009

The first Bursary was awarded in March of 2009 to a student who participated in a program established by “Me to We” (Free the Children)  and built schools in rural China.

Michael Evan Jurist Bursaries Michael Evan Jurist Bursaries Michael Evan Jurist Bursaries
Michael Evan Jurist Bursaries Michael Evan Jurist Bursaries Michael Evan Jurist Bursaries

Another student went to Peru with Operation Wallacea to monitor endangered species and also work with coal communities. 

March 2011

In March of 2011, the chosen student used his bursary funds towards UCC’s Kenya trip where students go to Ntugi Secondary School in the LEWA conservatory and teach students how to use OLPC laptops which UCC has fundraised for in the past.  In addition to teaching about technology, the recipient also worked with the students in the arts and music, and painting the walls of the school and more. 

March 2012

The March 2012 Bursary was awarded to a very deserving student who participated in a program in Kenya in the LEWA Nature conservancy working with five schools in the area which wanted to become part of the program successfully conducted at Ntugi Secondary School in previous years. Their goal was to train teachers and students re: laptop technology and implement a program called “Scratch” which helped students learn about animation. This year’s Bursary recipient also spent time teaching students geography and typing as well as working with the conservationists to learn about the environment and sustainability.

With his approval, we quote some of Nayyir Ismail’s reflections of his trip:

“Fifteen days in Kenya passed very quickly, days filled with amazing and exotic experiences. My first day I sat in two Kiswahili classes, where I learned a bit of Swahili, an English class, and a math class. I enjoyed helping the students and learning more about their culture.

Kenya is all about relationships. Its people are friendly and welcoming. You must listen to them, try to understand their culture, hear their silent cries of help and support, respond with care and loving concern. Poverty and ignorance should be eliminated and education was key to success. UCC’s Kenya project is making a difference in the lives of the community in Lewa.

It has made me feel like I need to do more. Thank you, you have truly opened up a new world for me, one that I wish to continue to support and build on in the near future.”

http://2012ucclewatrip.blogspot.ca/search/label/5. 02012 Trip Journal

A stellar academic student, Nayyir is described as a mature leader with “unlimited potential” who also excels at tennis, squash and soccer. He is a member of the Model UN Club and is considered to be an excellent chess player.

Michael Evan Jurist Bursaries Michael Evan Jurist Bursaries Michael Evan Jurist Bursaries

March 2013

Two exceptional students were given Bursaries to participate in the March 2013 service trip to Ecuador. Their volunteer experience afforded them the opportunity to engage in the hands-on building of a school and benefit from meaningful community-based learning experiences.

Dedicated to participating actively in the improvement of a local community, both also took advantage of the opportunity to experience the culture and lifestyle of the people of Ecuador, learn and practice their Spanish as well as interact and engage with their peers.

March 2014

The March 2014 Bursary enabled Foundation Year student, Benjamin MacDonald, to participate in a Me to We trip to India. Over March break, Benjamin traveled to Bhagat, a small town outside of Udaipur, to help build two classroom sites. He worked hard each day to clear rocks and mix and lay cement for the classroom foundations. When the work day was over, he had the opportunity to participate in local cultural activities including cricket, Hindi lessons and Holi (an Indian celebration also known as the Festival of Colours). Throughout the trip, Benjamin’s positive attitude and energetic leadership were greatly appreciated by his peers and advisors.

March 2015

The March 2015 Bursary was awarded to three very deserving young students who participated in a customized Me to We trip to Tanzania. The trip’s focus was on building understanding of the Maasai community through cultural activities, meaningful volunteering building schools and water projects, developing language and leadership skills. The recipients were: Louis Christophe (LC) Hebert; Clayton Jeffrey; and, Sebastian Hubbard, all exceptional students and athletes from the class of 2016.

With their approval, some reflections of their trip:

“After 24 hours of travel, we (along with 10 other students ranging from Y2-IB2) arrived in Tanzania very tired, very excited. For many, it was our first glimpse of Africa and undeniably, the trip had a profound impact.

Our first day was spent getting to know our surroundings, the local community and familiarizing ourselves with our project area, a local school where we would help, under the unforgiving sun, with the rudimentary building of the foundation for the new school library. We also collected and carried buckets of water (brown, muddy and dirty --the Maasai Tribe’s only water source) -- a much more difficult and challenging experience than expected.

Our trip allowed us to witness the beauty of Tanzania, participate in a breath-taking Safari and experience a completely new perspective with regard to culture and lifestyle.

But, aside from our pride of achievement, we were most moved and impacted by afternoon “free-time” spent with the local students and seeing these students, who had so little in comparison to our NA standard, get so much joy out of playing volleyball, soccer and netball.“

Michael Evan Jurist Bursaries Michael Evan Jurist Bursaries Michael Evan Jurist Bursaries
Michael Evan Jurist Bursaries Michael Evan Jurist Bursaries Michael Evan Jurist Bursaries

March 2016

This year’s March 2016 Bursary recipient was Takoda Kemp (IB1), a boarder from Nassau, excellent student, athlete and peer tutor heavily involved in community service. Takoda’s participation in this year’s Me to We Rural China Trip enabled him to experience local culture, participate in meaningful volunteer projects and labor that helped remove barriers to local education.

With his approval, some reflections on his trip:

“My experience in China was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity. The sights such as Bejing, Tianamen Square and the Forbidden City, the food and people were all “one of a kind” learning experiences.”

“The opportunity to volunteer in the rural community was hard work, but very rewarding. We helped move crops from one location to another, built a chicken coop and interacted with the local youth in team-building,language and sports activities.”

“One of the highlights of my trip was the Shaolin Temple where I attempted to learn martial arts (Kung Fu) techniques. I would return to China again in a heartbeat!”

Michael Evan Jurist Bursaries Michael Evan Jurist Bursaries Michael Evan Jurist Bursaries
Michael Evan Jurist Bursaries Michael Evan Jurist Bursaries Michael Evan Jurist Bursaries

March 2017

Michael’s March 2017 Bursary was awarded to two exemplary UCC students who participated in a trip to rural Kenya which combined learning about another culture, on the ground volunteering and gaining an awareness of developing countries, their challenges and accomplishments. Outside their usual comfort-zone, deprived of usual North American amenities, both participants experienced life lessons, new experiences and newfound camaraderie and respect for their hosts.

One of the recipients, Angelous (FY-Gr. 10) is a Science/Language student active in UCC Basketball and Track and Field, member of the Model United Nations and Neuroscience Clubs and heavily involved with numerous community volunteer services. The other, Rasheed (IB1) is co-Head of the Sports Analytics Club, active in community service, The Black History Club and Horizons Tutoring. He was voted Rookie of the Year 2016 as a member of the Varsity Football team and is a member of Varsity Track and Field.

With their approval, we quote some of their reflections of their trip:

“While on the trip our facilitators made us aware of not only of the beauty and diversity of the Maasai culture but also the challenges ... known to us through the 5 WE pillars: food, water, opportunity, health and education.”

“The food pillar ... gave us a sense of how difficult it can be to budget and live comfortably on a limited income. The water pillar enabled us to help carry water and see the labor and difficulties encountered in providing supply of water for livestock and family.”

“Aiding in the building of foundations for an all-boys school’s classroom block and dormitory providing the chance for education for many eager boys was part of the opportunity pillar.”

Their Kenya experience provided them with a new awareness and appreciation for a people who demonstrated a positive outlook and drive to improve their communities, education process and lifestyles.

Michael Evan Jurist Bursaries Michael Evan Jurist Bursaries Michael Evan Jurist Bursaries
Michael Evan Jurist Bursaries Michael Evan Jurist Bursaries Michael Evan Jurist Bursaries

Please enjoy the full album of photos via Flickr.

The Michael Evan Jurist Bursary 2017

March 2018

Recipients of this year’s March 2018 Bursary were part of a 17-member UCC student group that travelled to Costa Rica for an 8-day Sustainability Service Trip. This year’s two young recipients of Michael’s Bursary, Toni Agbaje-Ojo (Year 9) and Jesse Zhoa (Year 11), were inspired by the Costa Rican culture, their hosts’ “Pura Vida” (pure and simple) way of life, warm welcome and appreciation of the group’s “service” contributions.

Both boys said that their visit afforded them the opportunity to interact with young children at a single-moms and low-income family school through sports, learning activities and remedial maintenance efforts including helping them clean up their playground and spruce up their garden and plant pots. They also built, painted and varnished desks, sanded down cement couches and repainted them a lively blue and pink. A second component involved helping out at an Ecolodge, picking fruits, vegetables, etc and learning about food sustainability and different types of composting. The remainder of time was spent learning to surf, water raft and explore the beauty of the island.

Their expectations: Costa Rican children would make use of the resources built for them, improve their lives.

Their gain: Incredible “interactive experience” with different culture; opportunity to be of assistance, seeing efforts make direct impact on lives.

Michael Evan Jurist Bursaries Michael Evan Jurist Bursaries Michael Evan Jurist Bursaries

Please enjoy the full album of photos via Flickr.

The Michael Evan Jurist Bursary 2018

March 2019

This year’s March 2019 Bursary recipient was Bernard Ordiz (Year 12), member of Bremner’s House. An active Club member (Mock Trial, CPAC and Convergence) and community service volunteer, Bernard’s associations include Volunteer Toronto as Youth Auditor, Precious Blood Parish as Lector and Camp/Program Supervisor, Really Free Market as Blog writer, and Ontario PC Party, New Circles and Habitat for Humanity.

With his permission, some reflections on his Service trip to Costa Rica:

Participation in sustainable eco-lodge activities offered me opportunity to watch a resident create a bar of soap from scratch, indulge in freshly picked and locally grown crops and create bricks out of straw, mud and sand to assist in building a house. As well, to discover the importance of sustainability and how it benefits the environment, local economies, flora and fauna.

The opportunity to assist in the construction of drawers, cleaning of desks, painting of a play set and spending time playing with local children at a non-profit daycare centre was very rewarding.

My Costa Rica experience was profoundly memorable, fostered a strong classmate camaraderie, and was an opportunity of a lifetime.

The Michael Evan Jurist Bursary 2019

March 2020

This year’s Bursary recipient was a Year 11 student chosen for his involvements in community service and weekend programs. Unfortunately, the 8-day Peru trip had to be cancelled after three days due to Covid-19 Pandemic closures.